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If you’ve been around for 125 years, you’ve been doing something right. Sealy is one of the most recognizable mattress brands around, and they have the experience and history that ensures that you are getting a high quality mattress for a perfect night’s rest. Their instantly recognizable line of Posturpedic innerspring beds are time tested and proven technological achievements that are always looking forward and being improved; never willing to rest on their laurels, Sealy also offers coil free latex mattresses as well as memory foam mattresses that feature the latest advancements in man’s quest for the ideal sleep.

Innerspring mattresses use a system of high quality coils – for Sealy, they start at a whopping 736 coils - that provide excellent support for your body, and most importantly, your spine. A three-zone comfort system comes standard, providing high quality foam for extra support around the hips – Sealy’s Signature Posturpedic series offers up to seven zones, with memory foam for your head and knees, and latex support for your hips. And the unicased design ensures that the mattress provides the right amount of firmness even close to the edge of the bed. If you are looking for the right upgrade to your current innerspring mattress, or want to explore the newest sleep technologies, Sealy is indeed the go-to source for all your needs.

Visit Sealy to learn more about their innerspring Posturpedic, latex SpringFree and PurEmbrace lines, and memory foam TrueForm beds – and to find a Sealy retailer nearest you.