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Everything you need to know about buying a number bed.

Thanks for your help with our bed. I can't begin to tell you just how thrilled my wife and I are about our new 7 series!

We've both honed in on our favorite settings and are enjoying some of the best sleep we've had in a long time. I kid my wife sometimes because she sleeps so soundly now without all that flipping and snoring, that I've wondered at times if she was actually alive!

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The Number Bed Advantage

Number beds, also known as “air mattresses,” are different than traditional mattresses with metal springs and coils. The Number bed is made up of durable air chambers for a gentle cushion of dual adjustable support. This means, not only can you adjust the exact firmness or softness of the surface you sleep on, couples can choose separate settings for their side of the bed. Number beds address a wide range of issues for people such as couples with different firmness preferences to those with spinal and other orthopedic issues.

Each person has their own unique number setting representing required firmness and support for their body. That number is between 0 and 100 and is manually entered in by the user via a remote that triggers an air pump to increase or decrease the amount of air in the bed's air chambers.

Compare Select Comfort’s Sleep Number Beds to Dream Number Beds.

There are several manufactures of digital number beds but the most well known are Dream Number Beds and Select Comfort. Select Comfort sells Sleep Number Beds and Dream Number Beds sells the Dream Number Bed. They are almost identical in construction, warranty and guarantee, with the Dream Number Beds clearly winning when it comes to prices.

Both offer multiple variations and options with their number beds such as the type of fabric, pillow top, and a combination of materials offering contouring support with multiple unique zones for more natural support for your body’s curves. Several base options are also available allowing you to adjust the bed at the head or foot, and preset your favorite positions at a click of a button.

Select Comfort - Creator of the Sleep Number Bed

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Dream Number Beds

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Select Comfort Features

  • Trial Period - 30 days
  • Warranty - 20 Year Limited Warranty
  • Shipping - Customer pays Shipping (both ways)

  • Returns / Exchanges - Only beds can be returned/exchanged under warranty or sleep trial. Bases can not be returned or exchanged
  • Additional Savings - None

Dream Number Beds' Features

  • Trial Period - 90 days
  • Warranty - 20 Year Warranty - Prorates after 5 yrs
  • Shipping - FREE Shipping - Pays shipping to your door and return shipping if you're not satisfied
  • Returns / Exchanges - All Items can be returned/exchanged under warranty or during sleep trial
  • Additional Savings - No Sales Tax (excluding TX)


What Customers Are Saying - Air Mattress Reviews

Most people are new to the number bed and while price may be the most influential factor for your decision, at Mattress Find we believe there are several other items that must be taken into consideration when choosing a manufacture. Warranty, trial, equipment, shipping and more can all influence how much sleep you will gain or how much sleep you will lose. Your choice could save or cost you several thousands of dollars.

We just purchased a 5 series bed and we are very satisfied with the product and all our communication with Dream Number Beds. The bed was easily assembled and has met all our expectations. When one of the controls failed we were promptly mailed not one, but two replacements, wow. The free bedding is impressive and appreciated. We both agree that we sleep much better and especially my wife who has a degenerative back condition. We tested the sleep number bed and agree yours is a superior product because of the air cell design. Before we decided to order your product I resourced the internet and found a fairly even split of opinion of those who hate this style bed and those who love it. All I can say is I am very happy we decided to go with your product and saved more than half the cost compared to the competitors.

Hey, we set the bed up for my mom. She LOOOOOOVES it big time! I think you may have a better bed than my select comfort.

My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a couple of years ago and we final got around to getting her a comfortable bed she can sleep in. It's the most sleep she has had in years. We are very satisfied with the bed.

I just want to write and inform you of how pleasant and helpful the individuals are at the customer service #3 in the evening. I had some questions last nite when I was putting the bed together. They were extremely helpful and pleasant. I spoke with two different people between 6:30PM and 8:00PM. Please thank them for me.

Our bed made it to us today, it took about a week from the time we ordered, and we have just finished getting it all set up. We are loving it already. The set up was simple and easy to fallow. I can't wait to have a great night sleep.
Thanks again.