GhostBed 11 Inch Short Queen RV Mattress

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The GhostBed RV Mattress is a luxurious and durable mattress that's perfect for your RV or camper. It features 5 layers of comfort, including high-density support foam, 6" pocketed coils, cooling gel memory foam, and a soft, quilted cover. The mattress is a great match for all sleeping styles, and it will help you get amazing sleep on the road.

GhostBed 11 Inch Short Queen RV Mattress
GhostBed 11 Inch Short Queen RV Mattress

warranty: 20 Years

20 year warranty mattress is one of the most popular options available in the market as it offers great durability and can last for long periods of time.

demographics: Adults

Everyone should have a good mattress for adults, but there are a lot of different types of mattresses out there. The most important thing to consider when you are buying a mattress is what your needs are. You will also want to consider the price, so you can find one that is affordable for you.

certifications: CertiPUR-US

CertiPUR-US® is a voluntary testing and certification program for flexible polyurethane foam used as a cushioning material in home furnishings such as adult mattresses, crib mattresses, upholstered furniture and some accessory comfort products.

materials: Coil

Coil mattresses are a type of spring mattress. It is a mattress in which the inner springs are individually wrapped in fabric. Coil mattresses are advertised as providing extra support for the body, which is ideal for back or stomach sleepers. They are also known for being very durable, so this type of mattress is often a good choice for people who need a mattress that will last a long time.

mattress type: Gel

Ventilated Gel memory foam mattress. Gel memory foam has a unique open cell structure that allows air to flow through the mattress for a cooler night’s sleep.

brands: GhostBed

As a new bedding company, GhostBed has made a name for themselves with a combination of affordable comfort, a great return policy and a high standard of customer service.

firmness: Medium

The medium mattress is a mix of both firm and soft, it’s soft enough to provide comfort but firm enough to provide support. This mattress is designed for people who sleep on their side. These mattresses are on the softer side and you will sink a little bit in them.

mattress type: Memory Foam

The mattresses made from memory foam are one of the most comfortable mattresses that you can buy. It is made from a material that conforms to your body shape and provides excellent support. This type of mattress is also very durable and will last for a very long time.

firmness: Plush

The Plush Mattress is a luxurious mattress with a thick pillow-top layer on top of a supportive, high performance foam. This mattress is ideal for sleepers who really want a soft bed, but not too soft. The pillow top layer gives the mattress a softer feel while the high performance foam underneath provides support. The result is a mattress that is soft but not too soft, and supportive but not too firm.

size: Short Queen

This mattress is for those who are not too tall as it is 60” in length, but still want a mattress that provides ample sleeping space. It is also shorter than a standard mattress, but is still wider at 80”.

price range: Under $1000

If you want a mattress under $1000, go with a memory foam mattress. You will get the best value for your money and won’t have to worry about the mattress being too firm or too soft.

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