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Innerspring Mattresses

After a century of being in mass production, innerspring mattresses are still the dominant type of mattress in the world, holding about 80% of the market share. Most of us have grown up on one, and know quite well how they feel. They are tried and tested, have made significant advances over time, and are available in the most known configurations of all kinds of mattresses, more than its newest competitors including memory foam beds by manufacturers like Tempurpedic, latex beds, and air beds. Before delving into the latest technologies, it’s important to consider innerspring mattresses for your new or replacement mattress – you may be surprised at what you find.

An innerspring mattress is just that – a mattress whose core is a system of springs or coils that provide the sleep support. The coils can be found in varying thickness – also known as the gauge – and come in different configurations, from standard Bonnell coils to fabric pocketed coils, hinged and flexible offset coils, and continuous coils. Each configuration offers a different type of support, from incredibly firm to supple and contouring. Around the core is generally a cushioning foam layer, which is then surrounded by upholstery that provides the comfortable mattress surface. By varying any one of these elements, you have a unique mattress that can provide the surface you are looking for.

These days, it’s possible to find almost any kind of innerspring mattress for every type of body, sleeping habit, and tastes. While features like the pillow-top and Euro-top have increased the quality of softness, you can even find innerspring beds that are beginning to integrate rival technologies, like a layer of memory foam. So if you want to try out a new level of sleep without committing to the unknown, innerspring beds are still the standard to beat. The best mattress brands for innerspring mattresses are Sealy, Serta, and Simmons – check out each brand’s features and decide which one is best for you.

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