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AngelBeds Memory Foam Bed TempurPedic Alternative Mattress

Are you under the impression that you have to pay premium prices for a good night's sleep? Angel Beds doesn't think you have to. AngelBeds' memory foam mattresses are an incredible TempurPedic alternative for those not ready to invest in a TempurPedic; in fact, AngelBeds can offer savings up to over $3000 for a comparable memory foam mattress. AngelBeds is also a smaller company that offers a genuine hands-on approach that many people find to be a lot more reassuring when they are making such an important investment.

Ranging from an 8 inch to a 15-inch thick memory foam mattress, there is a perfect AngelBed mattress out there for everyone – the NASA developed high-density foam is packed with micro air cells that cushion you during sleep, and then return to their original shape until it's time for bed again. AngelBeds also offers a Cool-Max option, which envelops your mattress in a high quality fabric that helps evaporate moisture and humidity that can otherwise ruin a good night's sleep. When you lay down on this luxurious mattress, you will have no doubt that you will sleep better, as the bed will contour to your shape, no matter what position you like to sleep in.

Shipped directly from the factory to your bedroom, you'll feel that this memory foam mattress was created personally for you. When you take your first sleep on it, you'll wonder how you spent your life sleeping on anything else.View a side-by-side comparison of AngelBeds memory foam vs TempurPedic.