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Adjustable Air Beds – Digital Number Beds & Mattresses

Technological advancements over the last twenty years have brought adjustable air beds and air mattresses to the forefront of the sleep industry. More durable than ever before and providing levels of comfort that is fully adjustable, these digital air mattresses are practical alternatives when a traditional innerspring mattress is no longer providing the kind of rest you need.

Far from that portable air mattress that you keep in the attic for special occasions, these are bona fide beds that look and feel like your traditional mattress, but will have you sleeping on air.

So how do adjustable air beds work? Like an innerspring mattress, there is a core of support, but instead of metal coils, the support comes from air that is contained in specially designed air chambers. The core is also molded out of vulcanized rubber, which gives the mattress the strength and durability it needs to support the sleeper's body weight for years. However, unlike a coil system that has a fixed firmness, air beds can adjust to the sleeper's tastes – a remote control conveniently adds or releases air through an electric pump, so the mattress can become as soft or firm as you like. The rest of the mattress is much like any traditional mattress, with layers of foam and upholstery to provide a soft, comfortable top to sleep on.

Digital air beds are best for people who enjoy being able to control the firmness of their mattress depending on their mood, or what their body needs from day to day. They are especially ideal for couples who require different levels of firmness, as the core of the mattress is divided in a way that allows one side to be more or less firm than the other.

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