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Adjustable Beds

Originally developed for hospitals, the adjustable bed was a useful way to change a patient's position for comfort and convenience. It was only a matter of time before the technology was moved to the bedroom and redesigned a much more luxurious purpose. Today, adjustable beds are a convenient way to elevate the sleep and leisure experience, whether it is to address physical ailments through repositioning or just to provide a better way to read the paper on a Sunday.

So how do adjustable beds work? The key component is actually the frame, which contains the mechanism that moves and repositions the mattress into an upright position. Some adjustable beds may only have one joint that raises the upper half of the body, but many frames endorse a 'two point articulation', which splits the bed into three sections so that the sleeper's legs can also be positioned. Advanced models may even allow for only one half of the bed to be adjusted at a time, to take into account a sleeping partner. And even the adjustment is flexible, as it can be controlled manually or by remote control. Special mattresses that can bend are required, but are available in every type of mattress imaginable, from innerspring to memory foam, latex and air.

Adjustable beds are the best solution for anyone who has problems sleeping flat, and prefer to rest in an upright position, or with their legs slightly elevated. And with a wide selection of mattresses available, sleepers don't have to feel limited to a boring flexible mattress. This is a luxurious bed that utilizes all of the best technological advancements in the sleep industry, and deserves all the attention it receives.

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